Tech4Trade, created by Tech4All, operated in 2011-2022. It has helped reduce povertty in Africa and elsewhere by promoting fait and transparent trade and by encouraging use of technologies such as 3D printing.

Tech4Trade is the largest project funded by Tech4All to date.

About the Project

Tech4Trade’s CEO William Hoyle from 2011 to 2022 worked to alleviate poverty through the marriage of technology and entrepreneurship.

Tech4Trade’s mission is to improve the incomes and livelihoods of small producers in some of the poorest world economies, by increasing opportunities to trade and to reduce the cost of production. Its approach is to act as a catalyst for technology enabled trading, supporting national and international market access for small producers.


Based in London but with impact in communities around the globe techfortrade delivered a number of projects including using 3D printing, microfinance as well as mobile payments and information.
Techfortrade focused on bridging the divide between emerging technologies and international trade and economic development.

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