Our voicemail project was piloted in London and eventually implemented nationwide. Giving street homeless access to a secure voicemail service allows communication with potential employers as well as case workers.

The project was run in partnership with St Mungo’s and is currently transitioning to a self-supporting social enterprise.

Voicemail4All was our first project which was initially piloted in London.

About the Project

Through our partnership with St Mungo’s we helped people who were street homeless to have access to a 0207 voicemail number which they could use to stay in touch with welfare providers as well as use the number on job applications and for professional contacts.

Having a phone is a sign of stability and a settled existence, a sign of belonging to society. By giving a homeless person access to VoiceMail4all, we enable them to maintain contacts and forge new ones.

Giles Keating



The project has been a success and was rolled out across London as well as in other cities in the UK such as Liverpool and Birmingham.
The project has now been spun out as a seperate Community Interest Compnay (CIC) with Tech4All retaining board representation in the CIC.


The City of London celebrated the contributions made by individuals and businesses toward the social and economic regenera-tion of their communities at the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards event in 2007. Giles Keating, head of Research for Credit Suisse Private Banking and Asset Management, received the Volunteer of the Year award from Lord Mayor John Stuttard.

Press coverage

City of London Names Credit Suisse’s Giles Keating “Volunteer of the Year”
Credit Suisse Bulletin
5/ Dec 07/Jan 08